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Rifle Services

General Labor Rates

Inspect firearm and prepare written quote $30.00
Professional boresighting $15.00
Professional scope mounting and boresighting $30.00
Professional scope mounting and boresighting / includes lapping in the rings $50.00
Minimum charge $20.00
Labor half hour $25.00
Labor one hour $50.00

​General Rifle Service

Complete clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble (rust removal and or excessively dirty firearms are additional)
    Bolt Actions, Pumps, Levers & Auto rifles $50.00
Check headspace $25.00
Make chamber cast $40.00
Lap barrel $60.00
Cut and crown average barrel (sight work additional) $65.00
Recrown only $40.00
Install new bolt handle, (handle not included) starts at $120.00
Inlet new bolt handle to stock and receiver $40.00
Install tactical bolt knob (parts not included) $75.00
Checker bolt handle (per panel) $100.00
Drill & Tap (per hole) $20.00
Inlet stock for peep sights or side mounts $80.00
Jewel bolt $100.00
Jewel extractor $50.00
Jewel follower $100.00
Zero in rifle at range, ammo not included $70.00
Glass bed finished rifle, starting at $100.00
Install aluminum pillars and glass bed $160.00
Inlet & glass bed semi-inlet stock $60.00/hr
Dovetail .22 rifle for tip-off rings $80.00
Dovetail for open sights (per cut) $60.00
Dovetail front and rear same set up $100.00
Trigger work on request (starting price) $60.00
Rechamber most rifles (bolt, extractor & feeding work additional) starting at $150.00
Install Uncle Mike's swivels any style (swivels not included) $40.00
Fit low swing safety Timney, Wisner or Dayton Trasiter (parts additional) $100.00
Install three position safety (safety not included) $60.00/hr
Engrave or electrochemically etch the caliber into the side of a barrel (rebluing additional) $40.00
Install barrel cleaning hole in Ruger 10/22 receiver
(Permits barrel cleaning from the rear without removing the barrel) $40.00


(937) 501-1505