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(937) 501-1505

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General Work

Hourly labor rate $60.00
Inspect firearm and prepare written quote $30.00
Professional boresighting $15.00
Complete disassemble, clean, inspect, oil, reassemble, and safety check $60.00

A Remove or modify hammer spur $80.00
B Drill & tap for scope mounts $80.00
C Install colored front sight insert $60.00
D Rebarrel most revolvers (remove old barrel, install factory barrel) $160.00
  Recrown $80.00
E Chamfer cylinder chambers $60.00
  Straighten crane $80.00
F Revolver action job/clean and smooth action (spring kits and parts additional) $160.00

G Convert square butt frame to round butt (bluing additional)
Custom grips available (See our in-store gunsmith for details)  $120.00

Revolver Service