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Custom Trigger Service

​Browning A-Bolt
Polish and set factory A-Bolt trigger to 3 lbs. or best possible $80.00
Our A-Bolt trigger job gives you a crisp 3 lbs. pull using a Timney spring $100.00

Remington 700
Adjust factory trigger to a crisp, no creep, 3 lbs. $80.00

Install and set a Timney trigger to 3 lbs. on your Remington 600, 700, 788 or Model 7 $200.00
Install and set a stainless Jewel trigger from 1.5 oz. to 3 lbs. $300.00
Mauser Rifles
Timney Sportsman Trigger Adjustable from 2 lbs. to 4 lbs. $130.00
Timney Featherweight Deluxe (Features a trigger blocking side safety, making it suitable for most bolt-action rifles with Mauser and Springfield actions as well as Husqvarna and Mark X. Assembled on a lightweight alloy housing. Pull weight adjusts between 1.5 lbs. - 4 lbs. Some stock inletting required). $180.00
Ruger 77

Install and set a Timney trigger to 3 lbs. (does not fit the MKII or Hawkeye models)


Ruger MKII & Hawkeye
Install and set Timney trigger and sear kit. Set at crisp clean 3 lbs. $200.00

Savage 110
Adjust and set factory non accu-trigger to 3 lbs. or best possible. $80.00
Install and set a Sharp Shooter trigger from 12 oz. to 2 lbs. $190.00

Winchester 70
Adjust and fit factory trigger to no creep, crisp 3 lbs. $80.00
Install and set a Timney trigger to 3 lbs. $200.00
Install and set Jewel trigger from 1.5 oz. - 3 lbs. $300.00
Marlin Lever Action Rifles
Adjust and fit factory trigger to no creep, crisp 3 lbs. $120.00
AR-15 Rifles
Install and set Timney competition trigger $250.00
Jewel Trigger
This quality two-stage trigger allows sear engagement and trigger pull weight adjustment from the top of the lower receiver without disassembly of the firearm. Includes trigger, trigger spring, disconnector, hammer and hammer spring. This trigger features a 1 lb. - 7 lbs. range of pull. $300.00
Ruger 10/22
Install Power Custom 10-22 competition trigger and set at 2.75 lbs. Kit includes: 10-22 Competition Hammer & Sear Pack, Black or Red Aluminum Trigger with a hole through the trigger to adjust the sear (trigger also has an over-travel adjustment screw), Buffer Technologies Shock Buff, 2 Hammer Shims, 2 Trigger Shims, E.P. Hammer Spring, E.P. Disconnector Spring and Replacement Trigger Return Spring. $200.00
Mossberg 500 & 835 and Similar
Alter and adjust to shorten creep and over-travel and reduce trigger pull $60.00
S&W Revolvers
Complete trigger/action job, smoothing pull and providing a more precise let off. Upgraded Wolff springs are used. $160.00
Colt Single Action Revolvers
Fit and install a Power Custom trigger to accomplish a smooth pull and crisp let off. $160.00
Ruger Single Action Revolvers
Smooth internal parts to remove creep and lighten trigger pull. Includes Wolff spring pack. $120.00
Colt 1911 & Clones
Install Cylinder & Slide Tactical trigger kit to achieve a smooth, crisp 4 lbs. trigger. $220.00
Springfield XD
Create a smooth, crisp trigger with a lighter pull and more precise letoff using superior replacement parts. $200.00
Competition trigger job (reduces take up, over travel and reset. Weight can be set to factory heavy, factory standard or competition light.) $120.00

Remington Common Fire Control Guns 870, 1187, 1100, 7400, 7600, 7415, 750, and Others
Install the Timney Trigger Fix (This allows the user to have a clean, smooth, fully adjustable trigger pull. Every Timney Trigger Fix is packaged with a sear, 3 pull weight springs and a hex head wrench. Simply choose a spring (light, medium, or heavy) and then fine tune the pull weight with the hex head wrench for a precise setting). $150.00