Glass Bedding

A perfect wood-to-metal fit on bolt actions is important. A poor fit will allow the action to move in the stock while firing, resulting in poor accuracy. A proper bedding job will minimize this movement and remove the stress on the action caused by a poor fit. Using a two part epoxy bedding compound, we can perfectly fit the stock to the action. We also freefloat the barrel as part of the bedding service. Freefloating insures that the barrel has no contact with the stock. This keeps your shots from walking or stringing when the barrel heats up and expands. Some barrels may shoot better with a pressure point. See our in-store Gunsmiths for the application that best suits your firearm.
Glass bedding and freefloating bolt action rifles $100.00


Pillar Bedding
Achieves the same result as glass bedding, but gives you the additional stability of aluminum pillars installed around the actions screws between the action and the bottom metal. $160.00


Barrel Lapping
Hand lapping is the last step in the manufacturing process of top quality, custom rifle barrels. Lapping improves the finish and uniformity of the bore. We have seen accuracy improvements in most factory barrels, sometimes dramatically. Lapping can also reduce copper fouling.
Lap barrel $80.00


Muzzle Crown
The crown is the very front of a rifle barrel and the point at which the bullet exits. If the crown is damaged, worn, or uneven, bullet flight can be adversely affected. There are many types and styles of barrel crowns and all are equally accurate. The quality of the crown is more important than its shape. The last thing the bullet contacts is the crown and you want to be sure it exits the muzzle without interference.
Cut and crown average barrel (sight work additional) $80.00
Recrown only $60.00


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